Dried flowers delivered straight to your door


How it began

Minna Blooms, nestled in South Lincolnshire, is run by Chloe, with her family pitching in during the bustling summer harvest season. The spark for this venture ignited during a casual chat in December 2020 during lockdown and swiftly blossomed into a thriving business by 2021.

Eternal blooms have been a part of the Young family for generations. Chloe's grandmother, Jane Young, founded the popular dried flower business 'Flower Creations' back in the 70s and 80s. With a wealth of wisdom passed down through the years, Chloe found her own inspiration in the blend of plant care and floral artistry, following in her grandmother's cherished footsteps.

What sets Minna Blooms apart is our hands-on approach from planting every seed to handpicking each flower. Chloe's unwavering commitment to environmental conservation shines through in her dedication to growing, not importing, her blossoms. These flowers are pure, untouched by chemicals or pesticides, and completely natural. Even when sourcing flowers elsewhere, Chloe opts for those cultivated within the UK, supporting local growers and reducing the carbon footprint.